The Story

Serpentine Road is my first Solo-Album. I produced, engineered, wrote and played the music on the album. In Winter/Spring 2023 mainly. Nathan Jenkins @ Jenkoplex, Los Angeles, mixed the album and Marc Einstmann, Nashville, mastered it. I founded San Leonardo Music Ltd. as label and publisher in order to carry all options onwards myself. In the end, this is not about money, but only about making music, live soon I hope, and having a good time. 



...without some great fellow musicians, family & friends this would not have happened. Andy, my brother, plays guitars with great solos and rhythms making exactly what the song needed - and this really is what counts. All my contributors acted in that way: 

Rivka Rothstein from Colorado, an accomplished professional vocal artist herself sang all background echos, harmonies, and doubles, which, fit perfectly. My friend Christian has donned his Fluegelhorn, Trombone and Trumpet expertise - whenever needed and so cool!
Last but not least, my Karoline has popped love and her flute around on a tune or so - being an accomplished philharmonic orchestra musician that came easy and lovingly... So, you see, this is teamwork, and it is so much fun...