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Serpentine Road
Nobodys Fool/GetUp
1885 John and Alice 
All The Way



1885 John and Alice 
My emigrant greatgreat-uncles moving to Montana, from Hamburg (in 1875) - one found his wife at a barn dance in 1885.......
(Released 11th of April, 2024)


Released on 16th of May, 2024: 

All The Way ... somewhat a and also my struggle ... committing and staying free ... no easy way to go ...

1st EP  |  2 SONGS

And so it goes: NOBODYS FOOL and GET UP ... this was real fun, like always .... enjoy! (Released 14th of December, 2023)

Serpentine Road - My first album. Released 25th of October, 2023. 
Without them it would not have been the same: 
Andy, Rivka, Chris, Karoline... 
and, of course, the masters, Nathan and Marc... 

All live off their craft, all are super team players... 
Thank you!


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HD, DMM-DirectMetalMastering, 180gr, SoftSleeve
€40, no postage world-wide 
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The SERPENTINE ROAD Vinyl-Edition. 
8 songs, 40min playtime

Music | Live | Pure fun

Music, making it, with friends, was always a huge part of me. 
Now it's full-time. 
A few Albums in the pipeline for the next years... 
And, of course, LIVE asap!

Giants' Shoulders

I never saw Joni, The Doobie Brothers, America, and The Beatles, and so many more...

Just my own musical world 

and experiences

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